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You already have an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. We've built you a fence at the top.

Dacreed has partnered with Delta Insurance to deliver free online training for your small business, focussed on everyday business risks and pitfalls.


See why the most safe & secure businesses use Dacreed

Targeted learning

Courses target key risk areas

Rest easy knowing your team are on top of your key business risks.

This shows the user's upcoming compliance training courses and learning modules, along with training due dates and deadlines.

Continuous learning

Automated recurring refresher courses

Building on knowledge and making sure crucial lessons are front of mind.

Activity tracker showing a user completing a learning module on General Insurance


No one will slip through the cracks

Drill down to teams and individuals to check on your team's progress.

Reports dashboard showing overall training completion rates plus completion rates for specific courses such as cybersecurity.

Powerful customisation

Create your own courses with dynamic video and editing capabilities

No one knows your business better than you. Develop unique training to suit your business.

Course outline showing video and editing capability within the in-built learning management system.

Free risk management software for Delta Insurance customers

Image of Craig Kirk, CEO of Delta Insurance

"Dacreed's platform delivers better outcomes for our clients ... it's the only solution of this type that we have seen that delivers a real tangible outcome for everyone in the value chain.”

Craig Kirk
CEO at Delta Insurance

Smarter insurance

This free product has been designed in partnership with Delta Insurance to train Optima customers on the key areas of insurable liability risk.

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Purchase insurance

Purchase an Optima liability package for SMEs. Find out more here.

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Get link to Dacreed

Once you have purchased an Optima package, we'll send you a sign-up link.

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Start lowering your risk

Invite your team members to start targeted training on Dacreed.


What is the value for my business?

Dacreed keeps your team informed about everyday risks. Insurance provides monetary compensation but your business can still suffer loss from disruption, reputation damage, and other uninsurable events that can be avoided in the first place. Human error is the biggest risk to any business, so it makes sense that online staff training is the best risk management solution.


Why is Dacreed free for Delta customers?

Delta is a firm believer in adopting risk prevention and mitigation practices that enable customers to avoid loss. Delta believes that by investing in customers and providing them with free access to critical resources, it can help them prevent loss in the first place. This is a win-win for everyone.


Which Dacreed training courses are part of the Optima package?

Delta customers who purchase the Optima package have free access to staff training in the key areas of insurable risks such as employment disputes, crime and cyber awareness. Any additional Dacreed courses are not part of this offer.


How does the onboarding process work?

Once the Optima package has been purchased, Dacreed will send the customer an email with login details. The customer activates their account and adds team members to the platform. Team members then work their way through the training courses at their own pace.

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Get some peace of mind

Small and medium businesses are significantly more vulnerable to failure after major incidents than corporates. Reduce the risks to your business with Delta Insurance and Dacreed's risk management platform.

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