Cyber Security


A comprehensive guide to cyber security for SMEs

Contract Law


Once you have entered into a contract, you have an obligation to do what you have agreed to do. If you don’t, you or the organisation you work for can be sued for non-performance of your obligations.

fair trading act
Fair Trading Law


Consumer law is designed to protect consumer rights. Not all consumer laws can be swept away with clever terms and conditions (despite many businesses trying their luck). There are basic minimum standards that apply irrespective of what’s in the contract.

Copyright Law


Copyright is becoming increasingly difficult to control in the face of technological advances and the easy and rapid distribution of information. Many organisations and businesses regularly face situations that require knowledge of copyright law – what can and what can’t be copied and used.

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Directors and Managers


Boards and managers are expected to navigate far more regulatory demands than in the past. Alongside severe penalties for health and safety breaches, directors now face potential criminal sanctions for breaches of their good faith employment duty.

Employment Law


Breaches of employment law attract stiff penalties and labour inspectors have wide powers. Employers must understand and comply with their legal obligations to avoid liability.

Workplace health & safety


Since the overhaul of New Zealand’s health and safety law, workplace health and safety is the responsibility of everyone at the workplace. This means employers, business owners, directors and CEOs, along with workers, contractors and volunteers.

Premises & facilities


Are your buildings safe? Do you have clear fire safety and evacuation procedures? These details are easily overlooked. Getting it wrong can have serious (or even fatal) consequences and cause a public relations disaster.

Practical workplace privacy advice
Privacy & human rights


Understanding privacy leads to more productive workplaces and better workplace relationships.