All you need for internal onboarding, training, and compliance management.
All essential features including...
  • Compliance planning templates
  • Internal LMS for course creation and management
  • Complaints and breach registers
  • Continuous learning experience
  • Staff onboarding & refreshers
  • Regulatory & compliance tools
  • Risk management.
  • Team and individual reporting
  • Performance reviews
  • Policy review timetable and tracker


For admin users, professional development and comprehensive compliance assurance programmes.
Everything in Essentials, plus special features for CPD and Professional Development Planning including...
  • Professional Development Planner
  • CPD tracker to meet compliance
  • Access to third-party course
  • Evidence/document upload
  • Mentor/admin review and approval of
  • Full reporting suite with
  • Staff skills
  • Professional pathways

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Dacreed will onboard your people, protect them and your company, and encourage your people to continually learn as your business grows