This shows the home dashboard with the user's training courses and an activity tracker showing the user's activity over the past month.

Build a fast-growing and resilient business

Everything you need to upskill your people and protect your business - all in one place.

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Collect and store employee records securely, and access instant HR support for contracts and policies

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Drive staff retention and value by arming your team with the skills and qualifications they need to succeed

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Risk management

Avoid common business pitfalls by ensuring your team are trained to make the right decisions


Maximise productivity with motivated and trained staff

Drive staff retention and productivity by arming your team with the skills and qualifications they need to succeed.

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This shows the user's upcoming compliance training courses and learning modules, along with training due dates and deadlines.

Manage your people with ease

Onboard your team from day 1, maintain and manage employee records, and compile company policies and procedures with Dacreed's easy-to-use HR interface.

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This shows a user's personal details, including important HR and employment information.
Risk management

Get some peace of mind

Dacreed has partnered with Delta Insurance to deliver free online risk management training for your small business, focussed on reducing everyday business risks and pitfalls.

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Reports dashboard showing overall training completion rates plus completion rates for specific courses such as cybersecurity.
Certifications for Banks

Meet your training obligations under FSLAA and the FMCA

Dacreed delivers reporting, verification and assessment tools to help your team meet the regulatory requirements for competency, knowledge and skill under the new licensing regime.

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This shows the profile for nominated representatives and financial advisers who must complete training in order to be certified

Getting the most out of your people is essential for business success

Contact us to see how our products can assist your business.

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This shows a user's personal employment documents stored in one place on the HR platform. This is the outline of the computer screen which depicts an image of the HR platform aforementioned.
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Make your people the strongest part of your business

Good risk management often fails at the individual level. Dacreed makes the human element the strength that can set your business apart from the competition.

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