Perfecting Outsourced Compliance Management

Dacreed allows you to roll out templated compliance solutions to your clients with ease. Reduce deployment times and costs while having real time visibility of your client’s compliance status and creating new annuity revenue opportunities.

Compliance Consultants
  • Dacreed allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your client’s compliance so you can add real value where it matters. Dacreed gathers data, provides reminders and real time reporting so compliance doesn’t get away from you or your client.
  • Each client has their own independent account, linked to your master for template and course management and consolidated reporting across your base.
  • For your clients, when issues arise, you have immediate access and visibility of where the shortcomings are and what needs to take place. You become an easy resource to turn to, increasing engagement with clients and cementing long term relationships.
Features for Training Organisations
Individual training and CPD log for allocated courses
Individual training and CPD log for all courses
Access to third party training and CPD
Organisational view and management
Team creation and course management
Full learning experience platform (LXP)
Compliance and training reporting
Content creation and management rights
Customisable registers
Reviews (performance and professional development)
Organisational CPD management
Allocate CPD to internal courses
Client (hierarchical) structure
Full Professional Development planning suite
personalised learning



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