Financial Advice Providers (FAPs)

Meet your licensing requirements and save your business time by systemising and simplifying compliance. Dacreed manages policies, attestations, professional development, registers, external accreditations and much more in one platform that provides you with real time reporting. Free up your advisers and compliance team so that can add true value to your clients and business.

Financial Advice Providers (FAPS)
  • Dacreed enables you to be compliant, and to be able to demonstrate it – a key requirement of an FMA monitoring visit.
  • Templated policies and courses from leading consultants allow a full compliance assurance programme (CAP) to be rolled out quickly and cost effectively.
  • Create and professional development plans with your advisers and nominated representatives. Manage CPD and the competencies required by Code Standard 9.
Features for Training Organisations
Individual training and CPD log for allocated courses
Individual training and CPD log for all courses
Access to third party training and CPD
Organisational view and management
Team creation and course management
Full learning experience platform (LXP)
Compliance and training reporting
Content creation and management rights
Customisable registers
Reviews (performance and professional development)
Organisational CPD management
Allocate CPD to internal courses
Client (hierarchical) structure
Full Professional Development planning suite
personalised learning



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