Financial Institutions (Insurance and Lenders)

Dacreed provides insurers with a free* and secure solution to provide product training and accreditation to financial intermediaries in a way that is adviser friendly and supports their professional development.

Financial Institutions
  • A low cost solution for insurers and lenders to provide product information and accreditation training to financial intermediaries with a suite of compliance reporting for the regulator.
  • Simplify training for your adviser networks by putting your training on the platform that they already use and allowing them to automatically link your course to their professional development plans.
  • Integrated with Dacreed's professional development planning tools for advisers.
Features for Training Organisations
Individual training and CPD log for allocated courses
Individual training and CPD log for all courses
Access to third party training and CPD
Organisational view and management
Team creation and course management
Full learning experience platform (LXP)
Compliance and training reporting
Content creation and management rights
Customisable registers
Reviews (performance and professional development)
Organisational CPD management
Allocate CPD to internal courses
Client (hierarchical) structure
Full Professional Development planning suite
*Free solution available for parties who do not charge for access to content” this statement can go at the very bottom of the page replacing
personalised learning



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